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The M Residences: Your everyday getaway

The VConsunji Group unveils “The M Residences at Mahogany III,” the latest and last installment of the group’s Mahogany Series.

This new houses offer homeowners-to-be properties that they can be proud of without the expensive price tag. It offers individuals the exclusivity, security and opulence of a premier subdivision.

The M Residences is not just a collection of well-designed structures and sustainable materials, but also a collection of homes built to help raise families.

No more compromises

“What this development addresses is the need for a bigger space at an affordable price,” shares CEO Engineer Victor Consunji on the properties. “The M Residences allows people to have a terrific house that’s accessible to all the places you would go to. No one has to sacrifice the convenience of the location and neither do you have to subject your family to a small living space.”


With 180 to 400-sq. m. properties, The M Residences were strategically designed to maximize all the space to provide homeowners with the best living conditions.

The inspiration behind the design work was drawn mostly from Vic’s travels and experiences as a family man and engineer. M Residences’ living spaces have enough space for family dinners and house parties over the weekend while still providing ample space to grant each member of the household to have privacy.


To beat the Manila heat, window and vent placements were thoroughly planned to let natural light in. In addition to that, the VConsunji Group added the placements for maximum ventilation.

“We did those glass areas for cross ventilation and light. We wanted to maximize the space, but also push in the maximum amount of light,” Vic states.

The houses are also built to last any storm and to withstand any other natural calamity. Materials were sourced from top suppliers while award-winning architects created the design. Above all, contractors with more than 60 years of experience constructed them.

The house design also features strong, stark monochrome exterior palettes and wooden tiles, paying homage to modern tropical architecture.


The structural blueprint for The M Residences are actually built on foundations that can support four-story homes despite the units coming in two to three floors.

“We wanted to assure them that these houses are extremely safe. And also, if the family decides that they need an extra room in the future they can literally build another floor without worrying about the structural integrity and stability of the house,” Vic says.


The homes are a short drive away from Bonifacio Global City and Makati’s Central Business District. It is also located inside the Acacia Estates. Homeowners can expect top security services to keep their homes and families safe from harm.

First Collaboration

Engineer and real estate developer Victor Consunji and wife Maggie Wilson-Consunji team up for the first time on M Residences at Mahogany III

“It’s our first collaboration as a working couple,” shares Maggie Wilson-Consunji, who crafted the showrooms for The M Residences. The houses are designed to complement the modern tropical exterior her husband, Vic, and his team made.

The home designer’s design philosophy is that homes “should be a place where you wouldn’t want to leave home.” That’s why she designs homes as if they were hotels. She wants homeowners to feel that their home is as an everyday getaway.

A majority of the furniture and accent pieces in the showrooms were personally curated and sourced by Maggie from exotic markets in Bali and local artisans and furniture suppliers. Most of the pieces on display will be available at Casa Consunji, a furniture shop and interior design studio for modern Filipino homemakers.

SOURCE: People Asia